In The Spotlight: Roderic Jeffries’ Mistakenly in Mallorca*

The Confessions of a Mystery Novelist blog’s In The Spotlight series features author Roderic Jeffries’ in this post.

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Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. Although Roderic Jeffries might not be as well-known as some other Silver Age and contemporary crime writers, he was quite prolific, with several series to his credit. Let’s take a look at Jeffries’ work today, and turn the spotlight on Mistakenly in Mallorca, the first of his Inspector Enrique Alvarez series.

John Tatham is devastated when his fiancée, Jennifer, is killed. She had been going to give evidence in a bank robbery when she was murdered, and Tatham blames the police for not keeping their promise to look after her. The farm he’s trying to work is failing, and there’s not much else keeping him in England. So, he’s persuaded to take some time away, and work out what he wants to do.

Tatham goes to Mallorca to visit his great-aunt, Elvina Woods. As they get to know each…

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