Friday Roundup – 26th October

Check out this great Friday roundup from Stevie Turner’s blog with some great web site posts you should check out.

Stevie Turner

Thanks to these authors and bloggers for the following writing tips:

1.  Simkesrb for these 21 mistakes that could doom your new ebook, and also some popular platforms to sell your ebook:

2.  Janice Wald with ways to start a profitable blog:

3.  MiddleMe with tips to make your content go viral:

7 Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

4.  Jean M. Cogdell with some tips on conversational writing:

How to avoid murdering your voice and boring the readers

5.  Chrys Fey with 5 tips for selling your book at an event on a budget:

6.  Kelsie Engen, with 3 tips she has learned from writing:

3 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing

7.  Hugh’s Views & News with 7 things to make your blog post stand out and get read:

7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Posts Standout And Get Read

8.  Nicholas C. Rossis…

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