Improving clicks and buys of your Amazon Ad #WriterWednesday #BookMarketing #Amazon #AmWriting

Check out this post from D.E. Haggerty’s blog on improving clicks and buys of your Amazon ad.

D.E. Haggerty

First, a disclaimer. I am in no way, no means, no how, an expert in Amazon ads. If I were, I’d be setting up courses that cost several hundred dollars to attend instead of writing this blog post. I am, however, someone who has done several Amazon ads. Some work. Some work well. Some work okay. Some fail. Some fail spectacularly. As an analytically minded person (that’s code for total geek), I tend to examine my results ad nauseum. This has enabled me to improve upon previous ads. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be able to give that course after all.

The following applies to sponsored product ads as I haven’t figured out how to make money with product display ads – yet. When you run a sponsored product ad, customers will see: the cover, ad copy, price, number of reviews, and overall review rating. This is what my current

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