Guest author: Roberta Eaton ~ The Sutton Hoo Helmet

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Since its discovery in 1939, the Sutton Hoo Helmet has been a highly evocative symbol of Anglo Saxon England.

The discovery of the Sutton Hoo Helmet

The excavation of the grave barrows or mounds at Sutton Hoo was at the instance of Mrs Edith Pretty. She had travelled extensively with her father during her youth and her visits to Egypt had resulted in an interest in archaeology.

In May 1939, archaeologist, Basil Brown, who had been commissioned by Mrs Pretty to investigate the burial mounds at Sutton Hoo, came across the remains of a burial boat which turned out to be a 27-metre vessel.  In July 1939, the excavation was taken over by Charles Phillips at the request of the Ancient Monuments Inspectorate of the Office of Works. Although little remained of the timbers that had formed the large chamber across the middle of the ship, Phillips’ team uncovered…

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