3 Writing Tips That Helped Kelly Grow Her Readership by 500%

Check out these writing tips to help grow readership from this post on the How to eBook blog.

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How One Blogger Grew Her Readership by 500% with Help from Three Practical Writing Tips

In this episode we continue our Blogging Breakthroughs series, this time with a story from my friend Kelly Exeter.

Kelly is a regular speaker at our events, has contributed ProBlogger content as a guest writer, and has been a guest on this podcast several times.

Today, the story Kelly shares is a great companion piece to the “How to Become a Prolific Content Creator” episode.

Her blogging breakthrough is about going from someone who is a good and proficient but bland writer with a plateauing audience to someone who writes with more personality and in a way that’s magnetic to readers. A lot of…

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