Friday Roundup – 31st August

Check out this useful collection of links for writers from this Friday roundup from Stevie Turner’s blog.

Stevie Turner

Thanks to these authors and bloggers for the following information:

1.  Amy Collins for this info regarding CreateSpace and KDP Print:

2.  Fiction is Food on how to put a Mix badge on your WordPress site:

Stumble Upon Replaced By Time To Add The New Share Button To Your WordPress Blog

3.  K. D Dowdall with the 5 factors that earn 5 star reviews:

Critical Thinking: The 5 Factors that Earn 5 Star Reviews!

4.  Ari Meghlen writes how to tempt readers with a sample of your writing:

How to tempt your readers with a sample of writing

5.  Melinda Clayton with these grammar checkers:

6. Dave Chesson for this free Kindle book description tool to use on KDP:

7.  David Gaughran on switching from CreateSpace to KDP Print:

8.  Meg Dowell with changes she made in her life in order to land her dream writing job:


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