In The Spotlight: Brad Parks’ Faces of the Gone

Check out the book that’s In The Spotlight: Brad Parks’ Faces of the Gone, as featured in this post from the Confessions of a Mystery Novelist blog.

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Hello, All,

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. Newspaper reporters and other journalists can make effective fictional sleuths. Their job is to find things out and report them, so it makes sense that they would hear stories, follow them up, and investigate what turns out to be crime. Let’s take a look at one fictional reporter today and turn the spotlight on Brad Parks’ Faces of the Gone, the first in his Carter Ross series.

Ross is a reporter for the Newark, New Jersey Eagle-Examiner. One morning, his boss sends him to Ludlow Street, where four bodies have been discovered in an abandoned lot. The police theory is that one of the victims held up a local bar, and the owner had the perpetrator and accomplices killed in revenge. But, for several reasons, that theory doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. For one thing, the victims all…

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