The Archivist — Chapter 20

Check out chapter 20 of the archivist by Anna Dobritt as featured in this post from her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Chapter 20

“Where the hell is Nickie?” Lennie burst into Serena’s office. “I demand an answer!”

“Calm down, Lennie. Nickie is fine. Brant is with her at the Clinic and will bring her here as soon as the exam is finished.” Serena pointed to a chair. “Now sit down, take a deep breath, and relax.”

She plopped in a chair, knee jumping. “Fair warning, I’m going to kill Ryan Jones.”

“No you won’t. I will deal with him.”

“That bastard tried to kidnap her and you want me to do nothing?”

“I want you to continue your work on that building and tunnels. Remember, the Archive has its own way of dealing with people who break our laws.” She poured two glasses of whiskey and held one out.

Lennie grabbed the glass and downed the contents. “Who is he working for? At least tell me that.”

Serena sipped her drink…

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