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No, no, no!’ Matica screamed out from the time they had seen it. She had hoped not to see it so early, especially while laying on Talon and trying to fly home. ‘It can’t be. Not so early. Not now.’

Not only was she agitated, Talon was grunting nervously as well, shaking himself and flapping his wings irregularly, hardly flying straight. Matica had difficulty holding on, being so edgy herself.

They flew for only half an hour when they were shocked through to the core. Talon turned around straight away and now they were on their way home, still not believing what they had encountered.

Talon didn’t fold his wings to his body after he had landed and Matica had slid down to the ground. Talon, with bulging and big grey eyes ran around restlessly. He couldn’t stand still and was grunting nervously. His expression showed real worry.

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