Chapter 19 — The Archivist

Check out Chapter 19 of The Archivist by Anna Dobritt as featured in this post from her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Chapter 19

I hope I’m able to translate these runes. The beam of light revealed line upon line of runes carved into the marble walls. Here’s that seal again. So many questions and so few answers. The camera flashed when she took a photo. When she traced the seal with her finger, her arm tingled. With a shake of her head, she moved on. Her progress halted at a brick wall; the odor of sewage reached her nose.

She clicked her microphone. “Shannon, I’ve reached the end of the tunnel. Have Nickie mark it on the plans. There’s a brick wall in front of me that doesn’t match the rest of the walls. I can smell sewage too.”

Shannon’s voice crackled in the earpiece. “All right. If we are matching things correctly, the sewer tunnel on the other side leads back to the river if you turn right. Do you…

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