Selling Your Books: No Guarantee By Tom Blubaugh

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Selling Your Books: No Guarantee
By Tom Blubaugh
There are numerous voices out there in the literary marketplace that profess to have the latest and greatest methods for you to sell your books. But before you make an investment in a program, product, or professional, I suggest that you do the following.
Research, research, research! Do your homework. Look beyond the glossy ads and favorable testimonials and find out if that product, person, or thing can take you where you want to go in regards to book sales.
How many gadgets have you bought that currently have a permanent residence in a dark, deep closet somewhere in your humble abode? Consider that when you are positioning your book for sales. If a person promises that you will sell 1,000 books in 10 days if you buy their program, how realistic is this claim? Just take a trip down to that…

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