Interview with Author Dana Gambardella!

Check out this interview with author Dana Gambardella as featured in this post from Jem’s Books blog.



Dana Gambardella

Please help me welcome author Dana Gambardella to Jemsbooks Blog Segment of Interview an Author.

Hi Dana, it’s great to see you again. Dana and I met at the recent N.E. Authors Expo.

The floor is all yours, Dana.

1. When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

There is an author in all of us. Regardless if your work is published traditionally or through self-publication, you have years of journals tucked away in the attic, or you pride yourself in composing monthly newsletters to colleagues to boost morale and culture, you are an author. Think about it. We own every piece we write. It’s a voice, unique to our livelihood and passions, put down on paper with an intended purpose.

My earliest interest in writing was coupled with an interest to read when I was very young. I always…

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