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Check out this post featuring author Nest Madden in this post from Esther Chilton’s blog.

Esther Chilton

This week’s Guest Writer is one who has been featured in this slot a few times. I’m thrilled to welcome Nest Madden back. Here, he tells you about himself:

I’m a former Prison Governor, During my time in HMPrison service, I served both in this country and abroad. My specialism is hostage negotiation and riot control. I spent a period of time attached to both the military and the police. Since leaving the prison service I worked in the US and the Middle East as a security consultant and as a trainer for US law enforcement and certain Arab states.  Now I’ve decided to turn my hand to writing, mostly using my personal experiences as a basis for stories and novels.

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Nest Madden


Ray brought my pint of Double Diamond over to our table in the corner.

“There you are, mate. I’ve been thinking…”

“That’ll be a nice…

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