Guest author: Abbie Johnson Taylor ~ French Silk Pie #shortstory

Meet guest author Abbie Johnson Taylor from this post on Sue Vincent’s blog.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

heart in a book image: Pixabay

I glanced up from my dessert and saw him. He was sitting at the next table, also alone, also eating French silk pie. Our eyes met. He stood, picked up his plate, and carried it to my table. Sitting down across from me, he asked, “You like French silk pie too?”
“Yes,” I answered, surprised by his boldness.
“You come here often?”
“Yes,” I said.
We stared at each other for a moment. Then, I picked up my fork and started eating again. Being a happily married woman, the last thing I needed was to be distracted by another man. Couldn’t he see the wedding ring on my left hand?
Finally, he extended his hand.

“I’m Jack Baker.”
With an inward sigh of resignation, I put down my fork and took his hand.
“I’m Jill Tanner.”
“Jack and Jill, how about that? I was transferred here a couple of weeks…

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