Guest author: G. Michael Vasey ~ I’m an artist

Check out this post with Guest author: G. Michael Vasey from Sue Vincent’s blog.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Someone said to me this last weekend – “You are an artist.” I wasn’t quite sure which way to take this comment after all, I had my fifth whisky and soda in hand and perhaps he was referring to my semi-inebriated state? As the conversation progressed it became transparent he meant I was a different type of artist. My hackles went down. What he meant by the word ‘artist’ though was quite intriguing to me. He described how every time he met me, my view of the world, filled him with astonishment. “You see the world differently,” he continued. “Your music, books, poems and so on are all about how you see the world. It’s very inspiring, but like all artists, no one will ever understand your world view. They will just view you as different, eccentric perhaps.”

Much to our combined amazement, we…

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