If You’re Only Making Money One Way, You’re Doing It Wrong

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Meg Dowell Writes

At the start of August 2018, Patreon — an online platform that lets fans donate funds to creators’ work and projects — announced it was having issues with payouts.

Basically, patrons’ payments were getting declined when they shouldn’t have been. Which meant many creators weren’t getting paid at the start of the month.

I never realized how many people actually rely on Patreon for their money — I mean ALL their money — until I saw the angry comments on Twitter.

I saw creators complaining about not being able to pay their rent because of this. And though I’m not one to judge — everyone’s circumstances are different — I can’t help but wonder how they allowed such a huge mistake to happen.

The creators who can’t pay their bills. Not Patreon.

We hear far too often that the arts are not a stable career path. And that’s true for…

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