Guest author: Phyllis Staton Campbell ~ Out of the Night

Guest author: Phyllis Staton Campbell is featured in this post from Sue Vincent’s blog.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Two women, two centuries, and one man determined to destroy them,
even from the grave.

Chris has faced many challenges in her twenty-one years of life, a mother more involved with her career than with her daughter, a father who deserted his family also to pursue a career, and the loss of her sight. Nothing, however, has prepared her for the challenge faced by her and the four other clients attending an independence center held in a historic building on the campus of the school for the blind.

Determined to achieve her goal of concert pianist, Chris feels a kinship with those women who have once lived in the old building, only to realize that the past is surrounding her and the others in a real and dangerous way. Walk with her as she struggles not only to achieve her career goals, know herself as a whole woman, but must…

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