Short Story/Serial Monday – First Impressions Part 10

Check out the latest installment of my serial, First Impressions, from my author site.

Author Don Massenzio

The anticipated meeting between Lou Sturgis and Jonesy is in this installment. They are two sides of the same coin with both of them interested in helping underdog clients, but Jonesy takes the high road while Sturgis pushes the envelope in his legal dealings.

I liked writing the dialog between the two and I hope you enjoy it. I think we’re coming to the ultimate ending of this story, but I’m not sure how long it will take to develop.

On a side note, I’ve updated my Author Directory and Serial pages. You can now find all  the authors I’ve interviewed over the past 3 years and the serials that I’ve written, two of which have become books this year.

Please enjoy this latest installment of First Impressions.

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