Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story – Chapter Fifteen – Teeth Cleaning and Reflections on my Life

Check out chapter 15 of Sam – A Shaggy Dog Story by Sally Cronin as featured in this post on the Smorgasbord Invitation blog.

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51uI0kWA+ML._UY250_Last time Sam shared his love of Christmas and parties (well sausages and cheese with a little bit of dancing).  But his life was not always carefree with a medical issue that needed emergency medical treatment.

Chapter Fifteen – Teeth Cleaning and Reflections on my Life

We had been in Madrid for about a year when one day I started to feel unwell. I had experienced tummy upsets periodically since I was about two years old. Sally would take me to the vet who would give me antibiotics and I would be alright again for a couple of months. At first they thought it was the food I was on and certain things did appear to be the trigger but no one came up with a definite answer.

The problem persisted in Madrid and in addition to the tummy upsets I began to feel feverish and suffered severe pain in…

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