Dragged to the Depths by Cheryl Elaine

Check out the book, Dragged to the Depths, by Cheryl Elaine, as featured in this post from Linda’s Book Bag blog.

Linda's Book Bag

Dragged Cover

My enormous thanks to friend and fellow blogger Shell Baker for inviting me to be part of the celebrations for Dragged to the Depths by Cheryl Elaine as I have been taken outside my normal reading comfort zone and a very good thing that has been too.

Dragged to the Depths is available for purchase here.

Dragged to the Depths

Dragged Cover

Tormented with grief after losing her father, Emilia journeyed to her gran’s, in a desperate attempt to escape the memories surrounding her. But once there, she found little rest and respite on the remote Orkney islands after discovering a supernatural world under the sea.

The gods, goddesses and unfamiliar species of Mother Earth’s oceanic lands welcomed her with open arms – particularly Erox, the love of Emilia’s life. Her eyes were opened to the greed and hatred of her fellow mortals; it wasn’t a question of whether she was…

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