Designing a Fighting Style for Your Character

Check out this great post from the Legends of Windemere blog on the topic of designing a fighting style for your character.

Legends of Windemere


Last year, I wrote a trio of posts that gave tips on three categories of fighting styles.  This was just a general overview of Strength, Agility/Speed, and Counters/Thinkers, which most styles can be fit into.  Of course, this is boiling things down to their essence and ignoring the nuance.  In Quest of the Brokenhearted, Kira is definitely a fighter who depends primarily on Agility and Speed.  Yet, she will repeatedly use tactics that depend on brute force and aggression, which leans towards Strength.  Due to the tricks in the battles, she also needs to Think a lot.  So, it is probably better to say that every character has different levels in these three fields with one being primarily and the others being secondary.

Creating a fighting style for your characters can be difficult because of this issue.  If you make them solely one category then…

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