Paramedic Chris by Tim Parsons

Check out this review of the book, Paramedic Chris, by Tim Parsons, as featured on Linda’s Book Bag blog.

Linda's Book Bag

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I’ve been so lucky to review a range of children’s books on Linda’s Book Bag but I really want to support Paramedic Chris by Tim Parsons because Tim is very much hoping he can raise enough funds to support people by opening a retreat centre within his local community and monies raised from sales will go towards that.

Published by New Generation on 14th March 2018, Paramedic Chris is available for purchase here.

Paramedic Chris

paramedic chris

It is another day for Paramedic Chris as he travels with Paramedic Zara but are all of the calls genuine today?

My Review of Paramedic Chris

Paramedics Chris and Zara have a busy day answering calls – but not all are genuine emergencies.

I was very impressed by Paramedic Chris. Firstly I would say that the balance of text to picture was really good, with plenty of story and a good plot as…

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