10 Book Marketing Mistakes Every Author Should Avoid

Check out this great post from the How to eBook blog with 10 book marketing mistakes every author should avoid.

How To Ebook

Early this morning a guy spammed our blog comments trying to sell his online courses. His “marketing service” posted the same four-paragraph pitch on 16 separate blog posts in about five hours using a fake Facebook account.

That’s a lot of spamming in a short amount of time!

This is the equivalent of a salesman knocking on our door 16 times in five hours trying to sell us the same set of encyclopedias with the same pitch after we told him no.

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Would you do that to someone face-to-face? No! But this approach happens all the time online. And the crazy thing is, it rarely works – yet people keep doing it!

I want to equip you with the best information possible because I want to see you succeed and thrive online – in a genuine and honest way.

Below I’ve listed 10 mistakes that I see authors make online…

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