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Check out the book, Brand New Friend, by Kate Vane, as featured in this post on Barb Taub’s blog.

Barb Taub

[note from Barb] I don’t know if it was chatbombing David and Captain Bob [here], and some of the other wonderful people I’ve talked to in London over the past few weeks, but as I reviewed Kate Vane’s new police thriller, Brand New Friend, I was reminded how many layers most people keep hidden under the face they show the world.


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You know he’s a liar. But is he a killer?

Wherever Paolo went, Claire had got there first. The gigs, the parties, the enigmatic artist he was sure he was in love with. He would never have joined the group if it hadn’t been for Claire. And maybe, if he hadn’t, no one would have died.

Journalist Paolo Bennett learns that Mark, an animal rights activist he knew as a student in…

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