Guest Writer Spot

Check out this post from Esther Chilton’s blog featuring guest writer, Alyson Faye


It’s my pleasure to reveal today’s Guest Writer as the very talented, Alyson Faye. It’s always a treat to feature Alyson’s work here.



Alyson Faye

Tripping over stuttery feet

I race up the winding staircase

to the room, where me and my dreams meet.

There lined up, all on loan,

are the foxed, the dog-eared

the never borrowed tome.

Touch trace the dust covers,

gently smell the ink’s print,

caress some of the others.

Along the spines, curated here,

I make my fingertip search.

Here lies my heart’s home.

This, is my real church.

It’s a reunion, every Saturday

to be relished and recorded.

A treasure trove to be looted,

memories made and then hoarded.








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