Do You Offer Click Bait Or Incentives To Buy Your Book?

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog on the subject of offering click bait or incentives to buy your book

How To Ebook

Today’s book publishers and authors understand that to succeed with branding and book sales, one must champion themselves through social media.  But sometimes we get lost between creating click bait and finding real incentives to get people to buy now.  Here is what you should be aware of:
You need to inspire people to take an action step – to buy your book.  To get them to do that you either present your case with the option to buy or you tease with something, hoping to get your consumer to take a middle step of clicking onto your website or downloading something that will then help sell them on buying your book.
In addition to securing book sales, you still want to get more clicks to your site, where you help your SEO, and have a chance to capture their info for future use, and to…

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