Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Check out this short story from John Howell in this post from his Fiction Favorites blog.

Fiction Favorites

Hump Day Come back when it’s Friday

It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we became aware that the computer files on the Sandusky case at the medical examiner’s office had been deleted. Andrew, the former M. E., suggested that a forensic team try to recover the file. Larry, the detective, thought that was a great idea and realized he could use Andrew’s help. He asked Andrew to join his team and Andrew agreed. Let’s get back to the M.E.’s office since I think Larry is going to issue some instructions to the current M.E. (Perry)

“So, Perry. I think we need to treat the deleted file as evidence and make sure nothing happens to it. Is it on a hard drive?”

“Actually, it was stored in the cloud.”

“The cloud? Oh man, that sounds like it might be a complication.”

“Excuse me, Larry.”

“Yes, Andrew. Go ahead.”

“Is it…

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