Do you want to write a perfect, beautiful sentence?

Check out this great post from Jean’s Writing blog on creating a perfect, beautiful sentence

Jean's Writing

What writer doesn’t. Am I right?

More times than not, I worry about the correct grammar and structure of my sentences. But there is so much more to writing readable prose. The reader needs to connect with our words.

How do we as writers, produce sentences that manage this connection?

How do we write our best sentences than combined make for a great story?

Here is a really good article By John Matthew Fox,  that not only lists 100 Beautiful Sentences in Literature but explains what makes a sentence memorable.

What I gleaned from his article…

  • Beautiful phrasing does not equal memorable. A reader may admire the words but not love them.
  • Wisdom does not equate beauty.
  • An ambitious sentence is not essential for a perfect sentence
  • Emotion is a must for a perfect, memorable beautiful sentence.
  • A beautiful sentence moves the reader forward.

His article is a must-read for us “perfectionist” writers…

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