Creating Characters: Hobbies and Interests

Check out this helpful post from the Uninspired Writers blog on the topic of character’s hobbies and interests

Uninspired Writers

Morning daydreamers, I hope you’ve all had a great week.

I am still in the editing stages of novel 1 right now, but also using my down time to flesh out ideas for novel 2. I find this a more relaxing process, so it counts as down time and productivity all at once – perfect!

In doing so, I have been creating characters. I have discussed this a few times on the blog, with posts about character personality traits, physical traits and choosing names. Today though I’d like to discuss the importance of characters having hobbies and interests.

Hobbies and interests for well-rounded characters
Most people have hobbies and interests, in fact I would say everybody has. This can be anything from the extreme end of sky diving, wind surfing or cliff diving to more laid back activities like watching films or reading a book. One thing’s for certain…

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