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The Friar’s Lantern is featured on this edition of Lisa Burton Radio from the Entertaining Stories blog

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Lisa Burton

Hey there, all you starving college kids. Tired of selling plasma for beer money? Maybe the research department at Lauterbur State University can help. I’m Lisa Burton, and this is Lisa Burton Radio.

My special guest today is Dr. Franko Pavlov. He heads up the Neuroscience Department at Lauterbur State. “Welcome to the show, Dr. Pavlov.”

“Thank you, Ms. Burton. I am grateful for the invitation.”

“It sounds like you need some volunteers for your research, and you’re willing to pay them. What kind of things will the volunteers be getting into?”

“Our research is primarily concerned with the brain’s unconscious responses to external stimuli. We know that presenting the brain with a choice triggers a chemical response in the brain which leads to a decision. Our research attempts to characterize the nature of that initial response—how and where it occurs in the brain, how quickly, to what extent the…

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