My New Venture

Check out Jane Bwye’s new venture from this post on her blog

Jane Bwye

Over the past few weeks you will have followed my diary of a visit to Kenya made earlier this year. I met some enterprising women there, who run and finance their businesses in an unusual way.

It’s now time to take a short break and introduce you to my new venture. The subject of the book is self-evident. It will have a Foreword written by Christine Ewbank, CEO and past President of the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce.


It is a general step-by-step handbook to keep beside you, which uses stories based on true experience to illustrate different scenarios. Most of it is just old-fashioned common sense, but when you start a new venture, common sense seems to go out of the window. This guide will help you focus on making your new business a success.

It is an introduction to the basics of business planning, which will effectively segue into…

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