Timmy on the Toilet by Peta Lemon

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Timmy on the Toilet

Earlier this year I reviewed the children’s book The Fed-Up Cow by Peta Lemon and absolutely loved it. You can see my review here. When Peta got in touch to ask if I would like another of her books, Timmy on the Toilet, in return for an honest review, I simply couldn’t resist.

Timmy on the Toilet is available for purchase here.

Timmy on the Toilet

Timmy on the Toilet

Timmy is walking to school one day and saves a fairy in distress. He is granted a wish but accidentally wishes that he could fly whilst sitting on the toilet at school.

Join Timmy on his adventures flying on the toilet and find out what happens when the fairy grants him another wish for looking so daft!

My Review of Timmy on the Toilet

If you’re granted a wish by a fairy, you’d better be careful where and when you use…

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