Teaser Tuesday: Life After Baron Kernaghan

Check out this teaser excerpt from the upcoming book, Quest of the Brokenhearted, by Charles Yallowitz, from this post on the Legends of Windemere blog.

Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Sean Harrington

Took me a while to figure out a worthwhile excerpt from Quest of the Brokenhearted and I decided to show a little of what Kira Grasdon has been up to.  I’m hoping I took enough to show the proper context.  The full section was too massive to put here, so I’m working a lot on faith and hope.  All I will say is that the setting is a brothel/tavern and that doesn’t explain nearly as much as you might think.  I mean . . . Well, you can read and see what’s really going on here.

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