Collecting Conversations by Sam Bunch

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My grateful thanks to Sam Bunch for a copy of Collecting Conversations in return for an honest review.

Collecting Conversations is available for purchase here.

Collecting Conversations

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Starting to become unhinged after her parents died, Sam found 30 years worth of diaries her mum had written. In their everyday and often trite delivery Sam was inspired to find out how other women ‘do life’. What she heard was too good not to share. She squeezed out of her comfort zone and decided to write a book about her experience, the interviews and the process in an attempt to show that we can do many things in life if we take away the self imposed limitations. The result is a very beautiful book that is full of honesty, reality and integrity. The book took 7 years to make and it’s arrival is timely. There has never been so much interest…

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