You Are Not The Only One

Check out this great post from the Novelty Revisions blog on how your are not the only one to experience various writing events

Novelty Revisions

It’s not just you.

Writing, especially online, is hard.

It comes with more disappointment and frustration than it often feels like it should.

It often feels like you aren’t getting the opportunities, recognition, or compensation you deserve.

But in all this, you are not alone. Even if it feels that way.

Many writers have come before you, have been through what you’ve survived and have yet to endure.

They succeeded because they persisted. And you can, too.

All writers — perhaps excluding the select few who got published on the first try and were lucky, not the norm — get rejected outright, don’t hear back for months, or never hear anything at all.

They all spend years writing for no one but themselves, until someone else finds them.

All of them go through dark periods in which they want to quit, or they quit temporarily, or — at the very…

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