Guest Writer Spot

Meet guest author Abbie Taylor in this post from Esther Chilton’s blog.


This week, my Guest Writer is Abbie Taylor. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her interesting piece about the inspiration behind her writing.

Here is a little bit about Abbie:

Abbie Johnson Taylor is the author of a romance novel, two poetry collections, and a memoir. Her work has appeared in Magnets and Ladders, The Weekly Avocet, and other publications. She has a visual impairment and lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. Please visit her website at

Meeting My Inspiration Again

By Abbie Johnson Taylor


One sunny afternoon last week, I was resting in my recliner, listening to the drone of lawnmowers and whine of weeedwhackers as my landscapers did their weekly business in my yard. Suddenly, I heard a crash. This time, it wasn’t my garage door being smashed by a truck belonging to a patron of the day care center next door. It was a lawnmower colliding…

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