Book Review Registry: OPEN

Be sure to check out this book review registry from this post on The PBS Blog. Register your book to have it considered for a review.

The PBS Blog

Before the week ends, I would like to inform you that my book review registry is open. I am looking for some good reading to do this summer. I have also slacked on book reviews for this blog. It’s time to get back into the swing of things. If you submitted a book that I have not yet reviewed, you may resubmit your book for consideration as a reminder to me. Also if you’ve emailed me at any time about reviewing your book, please use the form instead. I do not accept unsolicited requests for reviews. You MUST go through the form to be considered.

To register your book for a review


Be sure you have read my book review policy HEREbefore submitting your book.

bitmoji-20180426025841 Enjoy your weekend!

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