Tools of the Telling Trade: Zodiac Signs

Check out this helpful post from the Legends of Windemere blog on the use of zodiac signs in storytelling.

Legends of Windemere

Eastern and Western Zodiac

Most people have seen or at least heard of horoscopes, which use astrological signs going either by the month or the year.  I posts the only picture I could find that had the two side by side, but I just noticed it’s written in Spanish.  Why do most of my Google and Yahoo image searches end up bringing back a lot more Spanish than English lately?  At least the point is getting across here.

Anyway, these are ways to ‘predict’ a great range than other fortune telling systems.  Part of this is because it has a more general focus than on specific situation like runes and tarot.  With the latter, you ask a question and use that to guide you through deciphering the answers.  Zodiac is used more to give an overview of your day and ‘explain’ parts of your personality.  For example, Aries are supposed…

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