Review of “The Night Watchman” by Richard Zimler

Check out this review of the book, The Night Watchman, by Richard Zimler, as featured in this post from Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


download“The Night Watchman” by Richard Zimler was a real surprise treat for me. A big fan of Zimler’s historical fiction I was amazed at how easily Zimler shifted gears into a contemporary crime novel without having to alter his atmospheric, thoughtful and sensitive writing style.

The key to this lies in his careful characterisation of the eccentric and fascinating Chief Inspector Henrique Monroe of the Lisbon Police Department. In a great opening scene our protagonist interviews a suspect and the dialogue gives us a good impression of what to expect.

The actual murder case investigated in the novel is the brutal slaying of a well-connected Portuguese businessman Pedro Coutinho, and this leads into a world of shady political corruption and sexual violence. Monroe gets deeply affected by this and needs to look closer at his own past and childhood back in Colorado.

Zimler has created excellent characters that populate the…

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