Short Story/Serial Monday – First Impressions – Part 3

Here is the latest installment of my new serial from my author site.

Author Don Massenzio

This week, the story starts to reveal, in a cryptic manner, who is behind what is happening to the unfortunate members of Kongo Match. Because this story involves sophisticated computer hacking and the IT department at Kongo Match has no clue where to begin, I’m pulling in one of the big guns from my writing universe. The person is not revealed in this story, but those of you that have read my other works might be able to guess.

Please enjoy Part 3 of the serial, First Impressions

If you want to read the parts of this story or look at my other serials, you can click HERE. I also have a short story page with one part tales that you can click HERE.

Couple Holding Hands at Sea Sunset

Just a few more victims and OutOfDate62 might be satisfied. So far, the havoc wreaked by tapping into those device cameras and recording ‘satisfied’…

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