Novel Writing: Tips on Research

Check out these novel writing tips on research from this post on the Uninspired Writers blog.

Uninspired Writers

Morning all, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

Last week I was asked if I would do a post on researching for novel writing. I love the research stage of plotting and writing. I think you find more ideas and inspiration while researching as well as learning so much more about certain subjects. It is enlightening for us as people and as writers.

Research is so important when it comes to novel writing. While you can exercise a little artistic license, and twist things in the name of fiction, fundamentally you need to get things right. Portraying things properly gives more authenticity to your story and makes it more believable and enjoyable for readers. Online resources are abundant, with search engines and YouTube making it really easy to find answers to your questions. But there are other ways to research too. I’ve compiled just a few ways in which…

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