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Meet guest writer Tomi Rues in this post from Esther Chilton’s blog.


This week, I’d like to welcome Tomi Rues to my Guest Writer Spot. She has written a lovely uplifting piece. Before you read it, here are some interesting facts about her:

Tomi Rues is an adjunct college teacher, blogger, and lifelong journal writer. She loves a good pen and a journal to write in. She has worked with May Designs creating journals and now with CreateSpace through Amazon. You can find her at
Her writing has been featured in Prairie Ink: A Literary Annual, The Christian Science Sentinel, Lifehack (tips for life), and Midlife Blvd. She is a member of the High Plains Writing Group.

Lazy Days and Lazy Hours

By Tomi Rues

A few weeks ago I found myself a little disappointed that we weren’t having any lazy days. I like that term “lazy days of summer.” With me doing some grant writing, the kids busy with…

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