Creature Feature Pre-order Special!

Check out the pre-order of The Creature Feature Anthology. Details can be found in this post from Joleene Naylor’s blog

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

creature feature2

We have links, people! Real, live links! Links for what? For the amazing Creature Feature Anthology of course! Featuring short stories by the Awesome Amber Naralim, Amazing Gabriella Messina, and little old me.

Preorder today for the special price of $.99 – after June 21st it goes up to $2.99

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Vampires… Werewolves… Monsters… They stalk our dreams and nightmares… the stuff of legends and fantasies…

Featuring short stories by Joleene Naylor the Amaranthine series, Amber Naralim the Monsters series, and Gabriella Messina the Bloodline series, CREATURE FEATURE invites you to take a taste of the worlds these three authors have created, and the creatures you will never forget.

All proceeds benefit the Book Born children’s book drive


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