Friday Book Share – Boneshaker

Check out this Friday Book Share from this post by C.S. Boyack on the Story Empire blog.

Story Empire

Craig here today, and this post is a bit challenging for me. I know I don’t read as much as the other Story Empire authors, and rarely get the chance to read something that isn’t from one of my author friends. It does happen on occasion, so I’m bringing you something a bit different today.

Cheri Priest is one of my favorite authors, and I rarely get the chance to read her stuff these days. One of the things I love about her is the creativity that goes into her work. She isn’t afraid to come up with some odd ideas and forge ahead. I also appreciate the amount of research she obviously puts into her work.

The first book I read of hers was Boneshaker, which went on to become a five book series. Now, I’m not a series guy, but I read them all.

I grabbed this cover…

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