Why You Haven’t Touched Your ‘Passion Project’ In 17 Years

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog on why you haven’t touched your passion project in 17 years

Meg Dowell Writes

Or a decade. Or six months. You get the idea.

At first, it was the best idea you swore you’d ever come up with. You could picture it all in your mind — every step, every way it could go right. Even a few ways it could all fall apart.

But still. You couldn’t let it go. You knew this was the idea that was going to kickstart your dream career.

Until your passion project became the thing you dreaded. And started avoiding. And eventually dropped altogether.

What happened? How did the flame of excitement go out?

Here are a few possible reasons you keep putting off your work — even if you’re still convinced this is The Project that’s going to change everything.

You’re scared it won’t take off

Every writer — OK, every writer I’ve ever heard discuss the topic on a personal level — is afraid of…

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