A Reading Routine

Rachel Poli echoes a theme of one of my recent posts about the need for writers to read. She shares some of her tips for fitting writing into your daily routine from this post on her blog.

Rachel Poli

People always say if you want to write, you should read and read a lot. If you love exercising your imagination and want to be transported to different worlds, read a book.

If you’re like more writers and bookworms, you’d rather read all day instead of socializing or going to work. So, how do you fit in a time for your love of reading each and every day?

There are a few routines I’ve tried out for myself. They’ve worked for a little while and then something would change in real life. Or maybe I’d hit a reading slump. Or maybe I would just find a random point in the day where I had a moment to read and took the opportunity messing up my “schedule.”

It’s certainly easy to sit down and read all day long and yet it’s sometimes difficult to find the time.

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