Smorgasbord Short Stories – Flights of Fancy – The Sewing Circle Part Four by Sally Cronin

Check out part 4 of the story, The Sewing Circle, by Sally Cronin, as featured in this post from the Smorgasbord Invitation blog.

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Here is the final part of my novella. The Sewing Circle from my short story collection Flights of Fancy. You can find part three, with links to one and two here:

The Sewing Circle Part Four

The next morning the rumours started within the various communities around the estate.
Sharon Jackson was having an affair with a police officer from the narcotic division.

Nobody suspected that the whispers that infested the bingo hall, corner shop, post office and surgery waiting room, were started by five old women as they went about their business. Those who dealt drugs on the estate were understandably nervous, and tried to find out more information; without much success. This only served to make them even more paranoid, and soon the rumour mill was working overtime on the stairways until news of it reached the ears of Sharon Jackson.

She was furious, but didn’t have…

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