Authors Beware! 6 New Writing Scams to Watch Out For – From Anne R. Allen’s Blog

by Anne R. Allen

A couple of months ago I wrote about some of the weird writing scams that have been showing up in my email inbox. A number of my online author friends have since told me they’ve been getting them too. So there seems to be some new master list of potentially gullible authors put out by the writer-scamming community

In that post I addressed the perennial problem of paid Amazon review scammers, and why it’s even more stupid to buy Amazon reviews than ever.

But we need to be wary of any unsolicited writing, publishing, and marketing schemes. These days, I look at my email inbox the way I do my landline phone. It’s not  mine anymore. Mostly it belongs to spammers, scammers, and crooks. 90% of my landline calls are scammers (mostly robots), and it looks as if “Primary” email is headed that way too.

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