The Chronicles Of Crallick By Brad C. Baker [Book Review]

Check out this review of the book, The Chronicles of Cralick, by Brad C. Baker, as featured in this post from Rachel Poli’s blog.

Rachel Poli

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The Chronicles of Crallick, the first book in The Spirit of Amathrain series, tells the story of Crallick Oakentree, a man with a checkered past that finds himself widowed in a cruel jest of fate. As a result, Crallick becomes a failed farmer, a single father, and an alcoholic.

One day, after awaking from one of his many drunken stupors, Crallick finds his daughter has been kidnapped and his favourite drinking hole has been set ablaze.

Leaving the serene beauty of his home in Gladeholme, he travels across beautiful countryside and over a wide ocean full of danger, before tackling the seedy ports…

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