Publication Day!

It’s publication day for Katherine Johnson’s book, The Secret. Get the details from this post on Jane Bwye’s blog.

Jane Bwye

June 1st is Publication Day for “The Secret” by my fellow Crooked Cat author, Katharine Johnson! We have shared tables for many an hour at book festivals. She’s a lovely person, and I thoroughly enjoy reading her books.

This is the second book set at Villa Leonida, the house at the centre of The Silence which was published last year but it’s a standalone story.

In The Silence some bodies were discovered at Villa Leonida, an idyllic holiday home, during a children’s game of hide-and-seek on a family holiday. They  were found to relate back to the summer of 1992.

A year on, in The Secret, the villa has been put up for sale. Which for elderly resident Sonia can only mean one thing – that the renewed interest and gossip will lead to the discovery of her own secret which relates to that same evening at the villa…

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